7TH Heaven 1.5 – Stormfeder

7TH Heaven 1.5 is another Final Fantasy 7 porn parody, drawn by Stormfeder. This time we see how a young boy is the protagonist of this Porn Comic.

The young man was looking for a shelter to ward off a Mako smoke storm. At that time he saw a bar, it was a little late but it seemed to be open. The young man asked and entered, there was Tifa alone in the bar.

Tifa asked him that if he was not a little young to be there, the young man told him what was happening to him and the girl from the bar allowed him to spend the night. The two began cleaning the bar, but the young boy did nothing more than notice Tifa’s sexy body. When Tifa flattened herself on the bar, her boobs tightened, and the young man was hypnotized looking at her.

Tifa noticed how the young boy was looking at her ass so when he finished he stood in front of hers and took off his shirt and allowed himself to be fucked by the young man. Tifa liked to fuck virgin boys like this, this made her even more horny.

The young boy could not take more of so much pleasure and he came inside Tifa’s wet and tight pussy, which when feeling how the semen ran inside her came with some very sexy moans. At that moment Aerith, upon hearing so much fuss, entered the bar and saw them fucking.

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