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In Abducted! a porn comic of Mr.E in which at night a very tired bicycle boy, has a small accident, falling to the meadow that was nearby. He was full of scars and with a horrible backache, but out of nowhere appeared a light pointing towards him. The boy opened his eyes slowly, until out of nowhere, the light attracted him to the ship, he was being abducted by the aliens.

Later I woke up on a stretcher, it seemed that everything was spinning and I saw a lady in the distance, it seemed that she was stuck on the ceiling. She greeted him with the typical greeting of aliens and was surprised and horrified that he did not understand anything. The alien girl approached him and tried to touch his face with his hands, although he was a little scared, he had nothing to be afraid of.

She spoke to him with the language of humans so that they understood each other and told him that he was coming in peace. Her name was Alina and she just wanted to study the human race, in addition to exploring the cosmos. The boy was very angry, he was far from home and because of the laws of physics, he could never return to earth. Alina tried to calm him down but nothing pleased her, however he asked her for anything so that he wouldn’t get mad at her.

He with his perverted mind thought about undressing this alien girl and trying new things with her. Once you were both naked, the boy kissed him on the cheek, but that pleasure was very strange for her and I ended up punching the poor boy. Alina was very confused with those feelings she had just experienced, although she had liked and wanted to continue with those human games.

He sucked on her alien boobs and fucked that tight pussy Alina had, she was starting to feel something for him. The two of them were fucking for hours in the ship they were traveling in, the robot could not believe that their mistress lost her mind to a human. But I had to understand that Alina had found someone from another planet to be happy with.

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