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In this porn comic AsadaSAN we can see how Sinon, a character from Sword Art Online, wakes up early in the morning to go shopping for fruits and food because he needed it since he had run out of food at home.

When Sinon came out the door of his house, he saw someone watching her but he ignored her and continued on her way to the food store and bought fruits, fish, alcoholic beverages and meat, but when she was returning home she found herself in front of a famous stalker who was on the news and told him he wanted to fuck her.

Sinon did not know what to do because if he did not fuck with him he would kill her right there so he started running towards his house until he arrived and closed the door with the padlock, what he did not know is that the stalker knew how to open the locks with a Pick and managed to open the door of Sinon’s house. But when he got into the house he didn’t see Sinon anywhere since he had hidden himself in the closet he had in his room.

The stalker was not stupid and he heard her breathing through the walls because the girl had breathing problems so she went to the room and when he saw her he raped her heavily.

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