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In this Asunama 6 porn comic we can see how Asuna is fucking with Kirito but she noticed her boyfriend a little weird, Kirito was fucking her like a madman, it seemed she was possessed but Asuna was afraid to tell her in case it was cireto what Kirito thought could drive him crazy Even more and hurt him.

Kirito was not really possessed but that day he really wanted to fuck Asuna and he was fucking it with pleasure but he also felt weird, he didn’t know what was happening to him but his body did not get tired of fucking with Asuna that Kirito continued to fuck his girlfriend until Asuna told him to stop because he had already ejaculated 5 times and he had never ejaculated.

Kirito told him that he did not know what was happening to him, it was as if his body was immortal and he never got tired of fucking her, to which she replied that she was going to take a break because she was very tired of fucking him. Asuna left and after a long time Kirito looked at the clock desperately seeing that Asuna did not return so he went to look for her himself but found a note in the kitchen that said he was going on vacation to his house parents because I needed to breathe fresh air from the mountains and I didn’t know when I would return.

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