B Trayal 12

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In this comic B Trayal 12 we can see how a girl enters a hotel of love and enters a room with a dark skinned man to fuck with him.

When the girl enters and sees the huge dick that the dark-skinned man has, he is stunned and tells him that he did not want to fuck him because he harmed her tight pussy with such a cock, the man tells him that he has paid a lot to fuck with her and that now he would not waste this opportunity, he takes her by the waist and begins to kiss her on the mouth while the girl tried to resist but in the end the dark-skinned man won the battle and the girl got screwed by him.

The dark-skinned man told him that he would first put his cock in her ass but the girl did not want to and told him that he wanted to suck her first, the black man accepted and let her suck his cock but the man was premature ejaculator and ejaculated Inside her mouth, the girl began to savor a hot fluid that came from the black man’s cock and liked the taste so she told him that it was time for him to put his cock through her pussy.

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