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Battle Supremacy of Street Fighter is a xxx story of a fighter by the name of Chun Li, who ended up being fucked in a very tough battle. Everything seemed to be in favor of our champion, even laughing at her opponent as she used to do. His rival was increasingly furious and it seemed that he was going to take out all his power to end it at once. He tried to contain himself so as not to end up suffering the consequences of what was about to happen, but it seemed too late.

His power was at the limit and with a unique wrist movement I try to attack Chun Li. The only thing he got was to undress her completely, since her technique had just cut off the clothes of this so busty girl. It seemed that there was no other option and after the two were left without clothes, they ended up fighting dirty on the ground. Chun li was afraid they would end up fucking her there, but Ryu made it clear that she didn’t like brunette women like her.

However his blond friend was willing to do everything perverse with Chun Li. So they both decided to change opponents to have a much more balanced fight. Our blond friend was impatient to try this champion’s tight pussy with his own cock and thus kill her to leave her completely out of the battle. Like Ryu, he fucked the busty blonde tremendously. In the end the girls were lying on the ground, covered with semen and unable to move a single muscle. It seems that the fighting boys had won the battle, although everything was still to be decided.

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