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Breasts Of The Wild is a xxx comic by StormFedeR where this daring boy fucks Zelda after finishing his favorite game. It all starts with a game of Breath of the Wild, when this boy was about to pass the game. Everything seemed normal, until suddenly the boy appeared in the game world. He was doubtful if it was Hyrule, although seeing Zelda he would have no doubt.

Zelda was very grateful that the boy saved Hyrule from the grip of Ganon and as a reward he would take a very special gift. Zelda began to take off the top of her clothes while exposing her huge tits, the boy did not understand what was happening, although he liked what he saw. Zelda loved young boys and after he took off his pants he began to suck his cock. She asked the boy if he liked to have a princess as cute as she masturbated that way.

The boy was very nervous and at the same time he loved what was happening. Zelda was ready to take the next step and got on all fours while asking if she would love to fuck her tight pussy. The princess was enjoying a huge cock and he was filling it completely with semen.

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