Discipline – Ratatatat74

Discipline is a Korean comic porn drawn by Ratatatat74.

This time we see a story of a mother who goes looking for her son after leaving school. There she sees how boys older than her are bulling her. The mother approaches to see what happens, but the boys when they see her are surprised.

They were not expected that the mother was so good and that she had very sexy tits. One of them approaches and touches them, but receives a slap from the milf. At that time the boys get angry and face her, they decide that it is time for that milf to know what discipline is.

This is where the porn comic gets interesting. The boys surround her and begin to fondle and undress her. The woman does not know what to do, she remains paralyzed in that situation and becomes very submissive. The boys take out their big cocks and start shoving it in her pussy, others in the ass and others in the mouth.

All this happened while her son was looking at her. It didn’t take long for her pussy to get wet even though she was being raped by her son’s classmates. Within a few minutes of being penetrated by the cocks, she began to enjoy sex, since her husband did not make her feel as much pleasure as these young men.

At that moment she forgot everything and began to fuck them with a lot of passion. She didn’t stop until all the guys released all his cum inside her pussy. This was her sexual fantasy come true.

Hopefully you liked this porn comic and you enjoy it.

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