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In this porn comic Doruemon we can see how Takeshi Novita’s friend was looking for his house but when he opens the door he finds his mother Tamako just out of the shower naked and is very excited.

Takeshi got so excited that he couldn’t help looking at Tamako’s pussy and told him that if he wanted to fuck him, but she said no because he was younger and it would be very bad for her to fuck him, but Takeshi didn’t accept no for an answer and he grabbed her by the waist and told him that he would force his cock through her pussy and it would hurt him a lot because he enjoyed hurting girls in the pussy of how big his cock was.

When he heard those words from Takeshi, Tamako told him to let him first suck his huge cock so he could lubricate her so when he put her in the tight pussy he didn’t hurt her and Takeshi accepted Tamako’s proposal, he began to put his cock in her mouth but as he had a very big cock Tamako told him not to put it in full because it hurt his throat and Takeshi told him that he would change now and put it in his pussy so he could put it whole and not hurt his throat she.

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