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In this porn comic Fairy Garden we can see how a girl named Asuna is playing a video game called Sword Art Online and suddenly her boyfriend Kirito tells her about the game that she wanted to fuck her but Asuna was not ready yet to fuck him.

When Kirito told him that, Asuna did not know what to answer because he believed that if he told her that he did not want to fuck with him, he would be angry with her and would not want to see him again, so he agreed to fuck with him and so begins this fantastic porn comic. When Asuna undressed, she was shaking from her nerves and Kirito, seeing how nervous his girlfriend was, asked him if it was the first time Asuna was going to fuck someone and she said yes and that was why she was so nervous.

when Kirito heard that he could not believe it, Asuna had never tried any man’s cock and he would be the first to fuck her, so Kirito took Asuna by the hand and told him that he would slow it down so it wouldn’t hurt and It was a special moment in her life and when Asuna undressed Kirito took her by the waist and began to put his cock through her very loud pussy so that she would scream of pleasure and Asuna did so, she would scream with pleasure and tell Kirito that fuck harder.

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