Feeding the Carry

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Feeding the Carry is a lol Porn Comic in which we can see how Soraka is in the bot fighting his enemies. In a moment of dismissal Rengar the assault from behind and begins to rape her.

This is uncomfortable for Soraka, but at the same time he finds it pleasant. A good cock always makes everything more enjoyable, in an instant while Soraka was enjoying sex a spear pierces Rengar’s head. That spear was from Nidalee which was saving her friend.

What Nidalee was really trying was to kill Rengar because she was jealous of someone else fucking her beloved Soraka. When they were both having lesbian sex, the other characters in the summoner’s rift arrived to join the party. Everyone was surprised to see these two girls scrub their pussies. They invited them to fuck them and threw themselves at them to be fucked. At that moment the two became more horny, because when they felt like several cocks they got into her ass and her pussy. This feeling made them feel extreme pleasure, which made them multiorgasm tubing.

One of them was so hot that she squirted and threw a lot of liquid out of her pussy. This made the men who were fucking them more horny. This moment was remembered by the times of the times. And the legend of these bitches resonates throughout Runaterra.

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