Goat Head – Pacifica

Pacifica Gravity Falls Porn
Goat Head Pacifica 02
Gravity Falls Porn Pacifica
Pacifica Porn
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Pacifica Hentai

A Gravity FAlls porn comic in which we see how Pacifica was very horny on a table. He had a sexy tight suit in which you could see the sexy shape of his ass, also had a very striking neckline.

He was waiting for Dipper to see her to fuck him, since he wanted to feel that boy’s semen in his mouth again. When he saw him he threw himself on him and began to grab his cock. Quickly Dipper’s cock became hard, he was not able to withstand the desire he had to fuck with Pacifica.

She started giving him a blowjob to make the young boy’s cock even harder. When he was hard enough he approached her pussy and began to put it. She was very hot, that cock made her feel a lot of pleasure and soon orgasms would come. But she wasn’t going to let Dipper’s semen into her pussy, what she most wanted was to feel that delicious taste.

When the Dipper was about to come, he took his cock out of his pussy and opened his mouth to fill it with semen. While she continued to masturbate with her fingers strongly. When the semen fell on Pacifica’s sweet mouth, she couldn’t take it anymore and had an orgasm. While enjoying her orgasm she savored Dipper’s semen. This made him very horny and made the pleasure increase more.

Dipper was very happy because he had a girl as beautiful as Pacifica was crazy for having sex with him at all hours.

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