Going Down – Doxy

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In this comic Going Down Doxy we can see how a young girl with pink hair is having a slightly hot dream, in that dream we can see how the girl is sucking a green man’s dick that seems to be an alien and then appears another alien and begins to put the cock in the ass of the young girl.

All this was a dream and she was obsessed with aliens because she imagined them with very big dicks, so big they hurt her but she liked that.

When he finally woke up from that hot dream he realized that her pussy was very wet and she was very hot, so she decided to take a shower and go out for fresh air, when she finished showering she heard a noise inside her house as if someone was watching her, it gave her a strange feeling that someone was spying on her, then she put on her jacket and left the house to take a walk and take in the fresh air and that was when someone grabbed her by the back and told her that Do not be afraid that it was not going to hurt you.

After that scare, the girl turned her gaze and saw her face and when she discovered who she was, she was amazed, watched closely and knew the first one that was an alien like the one of her dreams that had come to fuck her and put her huge cock for her tiny ass.

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