Harlem Night

In this porn comic we can see how Eren and Levi are fucking and Eren suddenly tells Levi that he heard something strange outside the house. Levi got dressed and went to see who was spying on them but he was not expected to meet his former girlfriend who was there spying on them while masturbating. When Levi told Eren they decided to have a threesome with the girl since she was very pretty and had very big boobs and when they finally decided to go and propose, the girl jumped through the window and told them that she wanted her to The two will fuck at the same time very hard. Eren when he saw the girl naked and dripping through the pussy pounced on her and began to suck her pussy and tits until the girl ejaculated and told them to keep fucking both of them so Levi took Eren by the hand the girl and took them to the bed and the three began to fuck together until they all ejaculated and they were happy.

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