Irresistible 2 – JDseal


Irresistible 2 is a JDseal porn comic that tells us the second part of this love between any guy but with a huge cock and a woman with huge tits that loves huge dicks. One more day on the calendar, Jon returned from school without much to tell, it seemed like a good day to visit Kate. Jon told him that he was thinking about her all day and that he couldn’t wait another second to see her again.

He tried to explain to Kate that after what happened the other day he couldn’t stop thinking about her and how incredible it had been to fuck her with her huge tits. Although Kate believed that what had happened a few days ago was something that should not have happened and should not happen again. Jon tried to converse, he could no longer agree on everyday things and asked if they could do it just one more time.

Kate could not resist a proposition like that, she wanted to repeat it so much that she would not think about rejecting it. If you pant any, she suggested that he suck her pussy. After a while, Jon rubbed his thick cock through Kate’s boobs, while running on his face.

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