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In this Porn Comic drawn by Palcomix called Justice League, we see how Dina a sexy super hero girl is going to look for her friend John. When he reaches his friend’s room Dina knocks on the door and nobody answers. Very strange noises were heard inside the room, so the intrigued girl opened the door.

There he found his friend John fucking his other friend, a sexy redhead girl named Shayera. This was giving him a blowjob and John was about to come. Dinah, seeing this, was traumatized and went to her room, she needed to rest. On the way to his room he met Batman, who asked him what was wrong with him. She didn’t answer anything and kept walking to her room. Once there he looked in front of the mirror, noticed his strange body. A strange sensation ran through her entire body, especially her pussy. He decided to take a shower to relax, but this didn’t help if it didn’t make it worse. When she looked naked she became more horny and decided to lie on the bed to rest. But her pussy was hot, it was wet and every time it was brushed it gave her pleasure.

Dina began to get upset, she was naked on her bed playing with her pussy, when Shayera appeared in the room and saw Dina masturbate. She tried to cover herself up, but Shayera knew exactly what she had seen. It was done and began to touch her friend’s pussy, they were both horny and began to have lesbian sex.

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