Lunch Time with Tim – Melkor Mancin

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Lunch Time with Tim is one of Melkor Mancin’s famous porn comics, in which Tim and his friends have a great time in class. Tim is sitting in his class chair, when the girls and one who is the president cancel lunch today, to fulfill a bet they had pending. One of the most beautiful girls approaches Tim and tells him that they have a bet, to see how big his cock is. Maggie thinks she has it big and doesn’t doubt it for a moment.

Lisa thinks it is thicker than usual and also very pretty. The president has the initiative and she wants to check it on her own. Suddenly, the boy takes off his pants and they are surprised to see the huge cock he had. The president cannot wait another second and while the classrooms were closed, she took off her clothes and began to masturbate her partner’s cock.

Her friends were doubting about joining her, that cock couldn’t be for her alone. The president girl had all the cock in her mouth and could not think it would fit completely. Later, Lisa was waiting to take off her pants and panties, her narrow ass was ready to be fucked by Tim.

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