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Majin Goten is a xxx comic in which Goten is possessed by the evil of magin. The boy has been dominated by an evil power and uses it to do evil in his own way. There is no one on Earth who can stop him and can do everything he wants.

As he is in the age of having sex, he takes the opportunity to fuck the most horny girls. First he goes for his brother’s girlfriend. He had always been jealous of him for being able to fuck her every night. I was curious to know what it felt like to touch her pretty tits.

When he finished fucking her, he flew away looking for his best friend’s girlfriend, who was a very sexy girl too. When he filled Mai’s pussy, he went in search of Trunks’ mother. There he began to rape her wildly. Bulma was a very sexy Milf and her boobs were the most horny of Goten.

He saw that his semen dominated women and he went in search of more girls, so he began to dominate the world. C-18, Bulma, Videl, Mai, Caulifla, Kale, the angels and all the girls in the universe were raped and dominated by Goten.

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