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Momma’s Boy is an American Dad porn parody that tells us the story of Steve, a virgin and lonely boy who fucks a busty milf. It all starts any day, Hayley Steve’s sister had humiliated him again in front of his friends. He was furious and had gone to tell his mother, crying and begging for some love. Francine knew that she had a lot of love for her son and would not allow anyone to mess with him. Hayley kept insulting her brother, but she had done worse things, like being a stripper who had slept with all her classmates.

After his sister left, Steve cried to his mother, since no girl wanted to be with him. But Francine had a plan to make her son feel better. His mother slipped her hand through Steve’s crotch and noticed her hair was already beginning to grow and her cock was even much bigger. He took his cock out of his underpants and sucked it until it was very dry. Steve was feeling like his cock was about to explode.

And after several breasts I ended up running on Francine’s face, although she didn’t care since all men did the same to her. This could not be left here and Steve was sucking his mother’s pussy like no other man had sucked before. Once he was ready for something much better, Francine took off her panties and massaged her pussy a little. Steve was very happy, since he had achieved what he had always dreamed of, fucking his mother.

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