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In this porn comic Moneyshot Dsan we can see how an employee of a company goes to the office of his supervisor to give him bad news but what he did not know is that the supervisor was not in his office because he had gone out for coffee at his break.

The employee was waiting for her in the office but what she did not know is that she had gone to fuck her lover and that she was not going to return until the next day to her office, when the employee looked at her watch and saw that they had passed 3 hours and his supervisor did not come home.

The next day when the man arrived at his job and entered his supervisor’s office to tell him the bad news he found his supervisor fucking with his co-worker and when he saw them he closed the door tightly but as he closed it his supervisor quickly opened it and grabbed his arm to put him inside the office.

When the woman managed to put him inside the office, she didn’t know what to say, she was very embarrassed but the employee told her that she had bad news and that the company would have to close because of her, the supervisor upon hearing these words fainted and when she woke up from fainting his two employees were found fucking her in the pussy and in the ass.

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