Mrs Incredibutt – Fred Perry

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Mrs Incredibutt is a Fred Perry porn comic in which Mr Indreible and Elastigirl have been invited to a meeting of superheroes to discuss the city’s most serious problems. They decided to go with their representative costumes to impress in a better way and that way they did it. When they finished the meeting, they were delighted that they had achieved what they wanted and without a doubt it had been incredible. Later in the bathroom, Elastigirl was watching her huge butt and she thought it was too big.

Mr Incredible seemed to him to be a perfect ass and in his mind he couldn’t stop imagining fucking it right there. He wanted to show his wife that a big ass was not an inconvenience at all and was going to show him how much he loved that ass. With his strength, he grabbed her hips and widened that sting that he had between his legs, he was impressed that this view was incredible.

I take off her suit little by little and her wet pussy was ready for her husband to suck until it was very dry. Elastigirl was a little jealous, because he loved her ass so much that he didn’t care so much for her, although when he said that, he kissed her and began to fuck her with his huge cock. At the same time, his tongue lengthened and touched his cock, to completely wrap and suck. But there was one more hole left to fuck and Mr Incredible could not stop fucking his ass until she did not stop pleading to continue.

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Marcelinho espancador de útero

Mt bom! Poderia ter a parte 2