Outbreeding The Danger


In this adventure time porn comic called Outbreeding The Danger. We see how PB is trying to create a defense for his kingdom, but something always fails. On this occasion he will try to make genetic material with real meat, so he fined Finn to take samples of him.

Finn was naked in front of the sexy PB, she told him she needed genetic material from him. While he was telling her all this she was undressing, at that moment Finn knew what kind of material he was referring to, what she wanted was his semen. PB told him that his human instincts would know what he had to do.

Fin threw himself at PB’s big boobs, she was surprised to notice the touch of Finn’s cock as she brushed her wet pussy. She grabbed his huge cock and began to do a Jacking off. He wanted to know how it would feel to have that cock inside his mouth. PB asked if he could give her a blowjob, Finn replied that yes immediately. While PB was sucking that cock, with his other hand he was masturbating, his pussy was dripping.

Finn couldn’t take it anymore and I just filled PB’s mouth with semen. She told him that now those samples were not going to work, that when he was ready for more sex they would start over. Finn responded instantly that he was ready. She started fucking PB for her pussy, this was the first time a cock entered this sexy girl’s pussy.

Finn was fucking her hard and she was enjoying herself like a bitch. At that moment Finn was telling him that he was about to come, she was telling him that he had to stop to collect the samples. But PB’s hips didn’t stop moving either, deep down she didn’t want to stop fucking either. I was about to have an orgasm and didn’t want to miss this opportunity. PB reached orgasm, while Finn filled her pussy with his semen.

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Bruh that looked nothing like finn