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In this Gravity Fast porn comic, we see how Pacifica is a golf course, Dipper is trying to impress her, but she is not surprised by the naked eye. Deep down she felt a sexual attraction to Dipper, but hid it.

Once at the hotel on the golf course, Pacifica got Dipper, she was very horny, she knew that Dipper wanted to fuck her too. So she made herself and told him she wanted sex with him, showed her wet pussy and opened it. The young man’s cock became hard, became and began to fuck. The sexy blonde girl enjoyed pleasure, Dipper’s semen entered her pussy. She told him she wanted more, but then later at the party they were going to celebrate that night.

At night Pacifica saw Dipper at the party, she was a little drunk, which made her even more horny. He was made and showed her big tits, told him that it was not yet time to enjoy them, he had to wait. So they stayed in a private place, where they could both have sex. There, gathered in dirty bathrooms, the two began to fuck. Dipper put the sexy Pacifica against the bathroom wall, shoved his cock and noticed how her pussy was wet and hot.

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