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Raven’s Lust is a XXX Teen Titans comic in which we see how Raven’s lust is unbeatable since he saw his friends having lesbian sex.

Raven heard a laugh trying to hide something, she was very curious to see what was happening. There he saw his two friends having lesbian sex, their pussies were wet and dripping as they rubbed between them. At that moment Raven became very horny, she wanted to feel the same pleasure as her friends, but could not do anything.

In her room she was very horny, she didn’t stop masturbating and having more intense orgasms, she didn’t know what was happening to her. Every time he came, he began to masturbate again. Her pussy occasionally squirted every time she had an orgasm and her legs trembled with pleasure. At that moment another friend of Raven arrived and told him that he had seen her masturbate all afternoon. If he stopped masturbating she would teach him what real sex is with another girl.

While her friend told her all this she had the strongest orgasm she had ever experienced, seeing her being seen as her pussy was being rubbed by her and that sexy girl asking for sex was the most morbid sensation Raven had felt.

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