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Shego’s Pet is a Palcomix sex comic in which Kim Possible is on a new mission to catch Shego, but ends up being his sex toy. This secret spy was at the top of a building, which supposedly belonged to Shego’s secret base. Everything seemed to point to that building and after entering through the vents she fell into a room that was a little dark. Kim tried to surprise Shego with her surprise entry, but she was very calm.

Shego saw Kim very stressed and suggested taking a hot chocolate to calm down a bit. She accepted since she was very tired and needed something to recover the energies. But Kim didn’t want to lose the objective of the mission, which was to catch Shego, the person in front of herself. Although Shego seemed like a good person, I try to help him psychologically with his mental problems.

Kim had fallen into the monotony of everyday life and was very bored of all that. But Shego had other plans for her, acting like she was the bad one and spending some time having fun. When Kim and Shego had finished fighting for a while, they wanted to relax in bed. But Kim was a lesbian and she loved to attack him from behind and suck her wet pussy. Shego tied her legs and hands, also covered her mouth with a little tape so she wouldn’t see anything. Then with his tongue he sucked her pussy, slowly so he could feel all that pleasure going through his body.

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