Soraka! Recall PLZ!

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A LOL Hentai Comic in which we see how Soraka is about to return to the base. What I didn’t know was that Warwick was stalking her.

The wolf had been watching Soraka for a long time, he saw her bounces bouncing at every step he took and his sexy ass move when he walked. His cock was eager to be able to fuck Soraka’s juicy pussy and that was his chance. He jumped on Soraka and tore the beast with his claws, Soraka’s tits were in the air. Soraka couldn’t move from the fear she had, she had never seen Warwick so close. The wolf took out his cock and began to put it in the pussy of the sexy girl. She was begging him not to do anything to her, but the wolf didn’t listen to her, she just wanted to have sex with her and fill that sexy pussy with her semen.

Soraka’s body was beginning to enjoy that moment, she had never felt like anyone was fucking her so hard. She began to have orgamsos and her pussy was smelling what was perfect for Warwick who had thought not to stop fucking her.

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