Straight Line to Love – Kisragi Gunma

Straight Line to Love is a porn comic in which there is a very special institute. This institute has a sex club in which the sexiest girls and whores sign up to have sex with the other boys.

Every time they meet at the club it is always full of people who are going to watch how those sexy women fuck. The more people in the meetings the girls get more horny and want more sex.

In this porn comic we see how a young boy goes with his friends to join the club to fuck those sexy girls. Once inside the club, the young man saw the girl he liked and was very nervous knowing that he was going to be able to fuck her. This girl flirted with him and they got to fuck while all the crowd of people looked at them. The young man was enjoying that tight and hot pussy, the girl’s face of pleasure made him very horny and her soft tits liked him a lot.

When the boy came in the girl’s face and it was full of semen, the girl began to eat it pleasantly and lick the boy’s cock to clean it. After the meeting the girl went in search of the boy to have more sex with him since she had really enjoyed him.

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