The Fall of Irelia

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In this porn comic The Fall of Irelia we can see a peculiar story of how a girl named irelia who is a character from League Of Legends fucks with 4 beefy men and very big dicks.

Irelia as a child was very ugly and fat so she didn’t like any boy and all the boys in her school would mess with her, beat her and tell her to suck their cock, they just wanted her to suck their cock because she was very ugly and very fat,
her class friends told her not to listen to them because they were very cruel to her but irelia just wanted to feel loved by someone and paid attention to them to fall in love with her so she could fuck her pussy with them.

When irelia grew older she was no longer ugly or fat, she was a goddess with incredible curves on her body and very beautiful, so the boys approached her to fuck her pussy and her tight ass, irelia was very happy because finally she could fuck with her pussy and her ass and stopped sucking the boys’ cock to try to make them fall in love with her.

Her friend Kharma was her faithful companion and they always fucked together with the boys and made orgies, the boys were crazy about them and they were always willing to fuck with them because they had very narrow pussies and gave her much pleasure, until one day Irelia He fell in love with Lucian, a black boy who had a very big cock and always ejaculated because it gave him so much pleasure.

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