The Secrets of Konoha

The Secrets of Konoha is a porn comic in which we see a sexy Sakura. This is giving him a video camera and tells him to go record things for Naruto.

The young ninja has no better idea to do than go looking for the sexiest girls in the entire village. He begins to record the girls in the bathrooms and in their houses, for him this was a treasure.

In one of these pranks he enters the hokage’s room and discovers that he also had a lot of porn movies. In many of them Sakura appeared as the protagonist. That surprised the young ninja a lot.

He put one on the TV and saw how Sakura was beast and behaved like a whore. She was fucking the village hokage, who in return gave her money for recording the videos. In all the videos Sakura was moaning like a whore while her tits moved wildly.

The young ninja’s cock was super hard, he had found the greatest treasure in the entire village and he was not going to waste it. Now he was in it, he was going to enjoy Sakura’s sexy body.

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