To Heck and Back

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Hekapoo took Marcos Diaz’s scissor back and gave him a challenge 12 years ago; if he could blow out the flame above her head she would give him the scissor back. Marco Diaz chased her for years, every day he hunted a clone of her and blew her flame off. Many years passed and Marco was growing up, in a way, they become friends, Marco called her H-Poo and she hates when he called her that way though she teased him occasionally. Marco could smell her flame from afar, he came to her silently but H-Poo knew he was right behind her and asked him why he took so long.

No Time to Waste
Marco Diaz told her that he was not a kid anymore and that he was prepared for everything but two clones grabbed him from behind, one of them told him that he may look older but he was still not a man yet. Hekapoo was taking a bath and when she stands up Marco noticed that she was naked. Marco was so close and he lost his opportunity, the clones undressed him, H-Poo told him that he had grown a lot in the last five years. The clones kissed themselves and Marco titty fucked H-Poo.

You can’t Blew it off
He got a plan, it was simple if he could get closer he could blow her flame off, Hekapoo gave him a blowjob and Marco was getting closer but Hekapoo was sucked it so well that Marco came into her mouth. H-Poo got apart and sat away from him; Marco lost another opportunity. Hekapoo opened her legs wide and asked him if he was ready for the next level; Marco did not even last a second, he could not handle her

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