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Trials is a porn comic by PurrnoMagnum in which a furry girl who is adventurous was looking for a very coveted amulet all over the world, in a temple far from civilization. After crossing thousands of dangers in a jungle plagued by all kinds of monsters and bugs, he finally manages to reach the temple she so longed for.

The temple was divided into several chambers, some very complicated to overcome and others with hidden secrets that I had to solve. But after several hours trying to reach the last room of the temple, he comes across a very strange letters on the ground. Four tables marked with letters from the ancients, looked like a puzzle that I had to solve again. Suddenly, a strange man in a most picturesque dress shouts to warn him of what he was about to witness.

That old man told him to be careful with the order of the puzzle, if he was wrong he would have serious consequences and he would have to calm the guardians who protect the temple with his body. While listening to the old man’s precautions, she moved those boards to find the right position, but after making a mistake, a paralyzing beam ran through her body.

The guards woke up from their lethargy and grabbed this girl from her ass. With her gigantic cocks they penetrated her several times through her pussy and her mouth could not bear so much semen. She endured for hours and hours the cums of the guardians inside her vagina, until everything was over.

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