Troll vs Elf 2 – Fred Perry

Gwen is peeing in a public bathroom. She was there sitting in the toilet when suddenly a cock came out of a glory hole. She is in shock at first but then she decided to touch it. then grabbing them with both hands is a really big cock. She watched and imagined it was Ben 10 cock and thought to herself that she wanted some Omnitrhix DNA so decided to taste it. she began to lick the balls and then kiss the tip of the cock. Then she put all of it in her mouth. It is big but she could swallow it in its entirety.

Gwen Got Her Pussy Fucked 
She got very horny so took off her panties and grabbed the cock with her hand, she could taste it and wanted it inside her. Therefore, she turned around, grabbed with her hand, and put it in her pussy. It is so big that it makes a lump in her belly. She began to move back and forward, she loved every second of it, at first on her fours and then she leaned his back against the wall and pulled one leg up. 

The Grand Finale 
She is very horny. She was trembling with ecstasy when finally it came inside her and filled all her pussy with semen. It was so much that it came out and dripped on the floor and made a puddle on the floor. She cleaned the semen off her pussy and ass with toilet paper. Then she threw it in the trash, dressed, and went out of the bathroom. Later, when she arrived home approached Ben and gave him a huge and loving hug. She went to the bathroom again but as a charmcaster the cock was waiting for her.

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