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In this overwatch porn comic we see how D.Va was mounted on her combat robot while doing a reconnaissance mission.

The area he was in was very dangerous because he had received news that there was a monster with a hook that took the sexy girls and raped them. That monster was about Roadhog, D.Va was flying with his robots when Roadhog realized who that girl was.

D.Va was very famous, since she was a very famous Twitchstar, she had very sexy tits and a suit that marked her entire body. This moment was perfect for Roadhog to throw his hook. The young girl noticed that something had gone through her robot and had grabbed her pussy. He felt a strong tiron and noticed how suddenly he was denounced in the air.

He saw Roadhog on the stalked floor, he had his hard cock and ready to fuck that chia. When the young girl fell into the arms of the giant man, she couldn’t do anything else. Now everything was under Roadhog’s control and his big cock was getting inside her little pussy. She screamed at the beginning of pain, since she was hardly a virgin girl. This made her pussy very narrow, which caused a lot of pleasure for that bad guy.

D.Va began to enjoy sex, once her pussy adjusted to the size of that cock. Junkrat wanted to join the sex so he started to fuck the girl. D.Va was disguising with two cocks.

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