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In this Aromasensei porn comic we see how a boy has created a machine capable of creating interdimensional portals to other worlds.

This young man was obsessed with the waifus he saw in his comics, video games, and anime. He decided to study and create a machine that was able to create a portal to take him to those worlds and could fuck those sexy girls. He was studying for a long time and without leaving his room, he had forgotten what the heat of the sun was like, but he got his dream.

He had finally managed to create an interdimensional machine was a bracelet in which he had equipped a way to make the girls horny. The first thing he did was go to the world of Spider Gwen and look for her. She was doing graffiti when the boy appeared. She told him to identify himself but the boy said nothing and activated his bracelet.

This caused Gwen to get horny just seeing him her pussy got wet, she wanted to feel that cock in her mouth and in her pussy. He began to give her a blowjob while she masturbated with her hand. Then he started to put that dick in her hot pussy and started to fuck her. Gemia as a bitch of the pleasure she was feeling, for her that was paradise, she had never felt so much pleasure. He had many orgasms in a row and still wanted to feel more and more, but the boy had already come and left his entire ass full of semen. She asked him to fuck her more but the young man ran to another universe.

He wanted to fuck all the girls of his fantasies and he didn’t have time to entertain her. I may return in the future for a second round of sex with this sexy girl.

We hope you liked this XXX Spiderman comic in which we see some Hentai Images of Spider Gwen of very good quality.

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