Waifunator 6 – Metroid

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Waifunator 6 Metroid 02
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Waifunator 6 – Metroid is a Porn Comic drawn by Aromasensei. In this Comic XXX we see how the young inventor is in the universe of Samus.

He is thanking him and as a reward he says he will have sex with him. A mysterious explosion scared them, from the flames came Dark Samus. She was wearing a sexy tight wetsuit, Dark Samus’s bounces bouncing as she headed towards Samus and the young inventor. She had a face of fury drawn on her face, she was jealous to see how her beloved was about to fuck that boy. Samus was nervous because that girl was very strong and did not want to fight with her, since she maintained a lesbian relationship with her.

At that time the young man activated his Waifiunator 3000 and set the HARD MODE. At that moment the dark girl’s face changed, now she had a face of lust and looked at the young man with sex-eager eyes. He threw himself on the young man’s cock and started sucking his cock. Samus seeing this began to get hot and joined them both.
They were so horny that they began to fuck the young inventor, but that was not enough. They started having lesbian sex with each other as usual.

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