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Languages intertwined in a dance of exploration and pleasure product of a trance, in which, Mabel and Wendy are submerged because of the mushroom powder given by Dipper. Thus begins this story in which Mable and Wendy find themselves alone in the room not knowing how they got to this point, but at the same time excited by the hypersensitivity generated by friction and contact between their bodies. That’s when Wendy lifts Mable’s sweater to expose her pink, tender breasts to which her tongue will have the privilege of being the first to taste, while lowering her underwear to reveal her wet pussie as a result of the pleasure provoked by the stimulation.

Wendy takes the opportunity to descend into this area and taste the sweet nectar emanating from Mable’s pussie, making her moan thanks to the effectiveness of her oral skills, when all of a sudden Wendy hears the closet door open. It was Dipper who was hiding in the closet, feeling sorry for having caused this whole situation, having given both of them that mushroom powder, however, he would also be about to experience the consequences of his negligence. Still dominated by the effects of mushroom powder, Wendy lowers Dipper’s pants and lays her lips on his dick, causing his immediate erection. Then Mable decides to join in and discover oral sex by also licking Dipper’s penis.

Trying to resist the sensation, but without much success, Dipper expels some of his semen on Mabel’s face. It is here that Wendy decides to strip off all her clothes and go straight to action, posing her pussy on Dipper’s erect dick, making him feel her warm and humid inside. After satiating her libido, Wendy is exhausted, but Dipper’s dick will still have to save energy to go for Mabel and free her from the trance, in which she is still submerged.

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