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In this porn comic Am i Dreaming Palcomix we can see how a very young girl and boy were boyfriends and were walking around the park and suddenly the boy gets very excited and tells the girl that he really wanted to fuck her.

The girl did not want to fuck with him because they were in a public place and did not want people to see them as they fucked so he said no but the boy was so eager that he took her arm and dragged her flagpole behind a tree where he He took off his pants and began to masturbate with the girl in front until the girl told him that she was also excited and that now if he wanted to fuck with him, the boy when he heard her say that he put his cock in his mouth and told him to suck until he ejaculates and then continue fucking at home.

The girl began to suck his cock but she did not feel well doing that so she got up and told him to put his cock through her tight pussy so that they could enjoy the two more and the boy paid attention and put his huge cock because of her tight antler pussy that she ejaculated inside her and she told him to suck her pussy until she ejaculated as well and that made the boy until she ejaculated on her boyfriend’s face.

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