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In this Rick and Morty porn comic we see how Morty and her mother have sex. Despite having a simple drawing, Beth’s porn images are very probocative and exciting.

It all started when Beth comes home drunk and with a bottle of wine in her hand. Morty is surprised because it was too soon to be drinking alcohol. Beth asks him to help her get her to bed.

There Morty’s mother falls into bed exhausted. She was lying on her stomach and Morty stared at her sexy ass. I had very good buttocks to be a Milf. Beth did exercises every day and that’s why she kept that incredible and sexy body. In addition her tits were still well placed and thick, it was the dream of any man.

Morty’s cock went hard as he looked at his sexy mom and thought about fucking her. The young man armed himself with courage and put a powder that made him more horny. At that moment he grabbed his mother’s ass and started rubbing his cock with her ass. That sensation of fucking his own mother, the morbid feeling and the adrenaline to be discovered made him more excited and wanted to fuck her more eagerly.

He began to remove her thong and saw her sexy anus and felt the urge to put his cock through that hole. It’s hot and tight, that made Morty feel the real pleasure. Her mother, noticing that she was being fucked, woke up.

Morty was very scared when he saw her turn around. But it was not what she thought. Her mother was very horny too and she let him fuck her. Morty started playing with her mother’s tits and pinching her nipples. Beth couldn’t stop moaning with pleasure and her son couldn’t take it anymore and came inside her. Beth was in a state of ecstasy.

Seeing her son’s cock stained with that sweet aphrodisiac drug, she began to do a blowjob until it was wiped clean. When she took the cock out of her mouth, her son’s semen stained all over her face. She was happy to have done such a splendid job.

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