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In this My Hero Academia porn comic we see how Izuku was a child in the bathroom and his mother was bathing him. He was sad because he didn’t have a Quirck, or so he thought.

While he was in the bathroom, his mother asked him why he was so sad, he replied that it was because he had no powers. His mother reassured him and tried to take away his importance, but one day he saw his son that something was hiding between his legs.

She told him to show her what was wrong. Deku had a big cock to be a boy, that was his Quirck. The mother told him that what happened to his cock were his powers. The mother, seeing a penis of that size, remained unnoticed and began to blow her son. Her pussy was very wet and she quickly put that cock in her pussy. A few seconds later, he had an impressive orgasm and remained exact.

Deku ran away and the mother went behind him. From that day on, the mother would need to fuck her son to satisfy her sexual apparatus. Now in the present in the U.A. The girls in Deku’s class are addicted to that cock and want to fuck with him at all hours. Now he knows that the power he has is the most pleasant of all.

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