Dawn of a New Day


After an unconscious time, Princess Jasmine has woken up to realize that she is tied up and completely naked on the floor.
This is because she was captured by the Baroness of the Rocket team, who finds herself naked in front of her wearing nothing more than her latex boots.
The Baroness explains to her that she has been doped thanks to a drug she put in her drink.
The Baroness then bows to Jasmine to kiss her, while she watches two women from a distance.
These are her rescuers, who are captive and subjected to long dildos surrounding their bodies and inserting themselves in their pussies, while they are observed by the accomplice of the Baroness, who frees them to submit them to the next sexual practice.
This consists in both of them inserting simultaneously in their pussies a dildo with termination in both sides, while they kiss and caress each other.
Both agree against their will, while delighting the view of the accomplice of the Baroness, who, using a harness with a synthetic dick on the front, decides to join and participate introducing it into the anus of the girl at the top, thus subjecting her to a double penetration.
Meanwhile, the Baroness, who is at the other side of the room, is about to subject Jasmine to the same experience of her rescuers, using a harness with a synthetic dick, which inserts it completely into her anus while she groans in pain.
This represents for the Baroness an ideal means to excite herself and obtain pleasure through the sensation generated by the use of this harness, thus giving her the opportunity to sexually dominate others until her desires are satiated.
At the end of her session, both the Baroness and her accomplice retire to the control room to plan their strategy while they watch their next victims on the screen.

We hope you liked this Parodie Sex Comic of Pokemon and more gils.

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