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Moe is My Boyfriend is a simpsons porn sex and parody comic in which Lisa falls in love with Moe and ends up having sex in her bar. It all started on any given day, Homer always brought his friends home. Moe was with him drinking a few beers on the sofa while watching television. Meanwhile Lisa was with her friends chatting. He had to go to the kitchen to eat something, but he saw his father and moe sitting and drunk.

Lisa cared a lot for both of them, they would have trouble if they kept drinking that way. So I help them to stop drinking and take their father to bed to sleep. Later, Moe was on the couch and completely drunk. Lisa didn’t know what to do with him, but she saw that her pants were down. His cock was sticking out and she couldn’t believe the size of that monster. When she saw that huge cock, Lisa was very embarrassed and confused at the same time.

He certainly liked what he saw and wanted to taste how it would feel to suck such a big cock. Lisa didn’t think about it for another minute and started sucking Moe’s cock until she got all the semen out of her balls. That wasn’t enough for her, so she took off her panties and sat on top of his cock. The pleasure he felt with such a huge penis was wonderful. From that moment, Lisa and Moe follabana at every moment. They did it in their bar, in Homer’s house or in a nearby Motel.

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