OVERTIME !! OVERWATCH FANBOOK is an overwatch porn comic in which Tracer is studying at the hero academy. I was arguing with Winston and she leaves her office very angry.

While walking through the hallways she meets the P.E. which is Genji. Tracer liked Genji and wanted to do something to get him to notice her, so she bumped into him. Tracer made a bump and they both fell to the ground. Genji was very nervous because he had never been touched by a woman and tracer’s tits were very close to his face.

The teacher’s cock got very hard and Tracer noticed it, Geji ran away trying to run away from her, but tracer was behind him to fuck him. When he found it in his office, the girl locked it and approached her teacher in a sexy way. He was very nervous and did not know what to do.

She bent down and grabbed his cock that got hard in the moment, began to suck it with a lot of energy. Then he took off his clothes and let them touch his big and sexy tits, little by little he put the robotic cock in his pussy and the small cramps that gave him in the pussy made him more horny. This made her orgasms stronger, Tracer was enjoying a lot of the sex he was having with his teacher.

After fucking her teacher, she went looking for more people to continue fucking.

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