Pad’s World – The Sister Case


Pad’s world – The Sister Case is a porn comic drawn by Ounpaduia. In this comic we see the story of a 16 year old boy called Pad.

Pad is a boy of only 16 years old who lives in his father’s house, has a sexy stepmother and a very sexy stepsister also of the same age. Every time his stepmother came to Pad’s house he was excited. When he saw her, he threw himself into a hug, with that excuse he rubbed his face against his stepmother’s tits.

She was moving to live with Pad and her father, she already had her clothes at home. The young man took advantage when there was no one in the house to search through the drawers. He took her stepmother’s panties and bras and masturbated with them. He rubbed them on his cock and ended up coming at them. He also devised a system of hidden cameras that he hid in the bathroom and in his father’s room. So he could spy on his stepmother while showering and also when he fucked his father.

He also fantasized about his stepsister. He had only seen her in photos, but he imagined fucking her. He was super excited that she lived with Pad, so he could record her just like his mother. Pad thought about hiding more cameras, in case he could catch his sister masturbating somewhere.

On the day they were finally moving, Pad was in his bed asleep. He recalled that the two sexy girls were going to arrive right now. When the bell rang, he ran down and received them. His stepmother kissed him as usual and rubbed his face against her tits. The girl ignored him, said he had enough to see it in photos. Pad climbed the stairs behind them two to see their sweet asses.

At lunchtime everyone was reunited, but there was a tension between the two brothers. No one spoke the word, Pad was ashamed and the girl didn’t want to talk to Pad. But after eating the girl’s mother told him that there was no space in the house and that he had to sleep with Pad. At that time the sister complained to her mother, but she didn’t ask to do anything and left for Pad’s habitation to lock herself up.

Pad’s sexy stepmother told her to comfort her, that could be a good way to break the ice. He went up and they were talking for a while. The girl was sincere and accepted him as a brother. At that moment the two hugged each other, the young man’s cock got hard and the girl noticed how he hit her pussy.

She knew that impressed and slowly walked out of the room, she had a look of lust. She looked excited to see that situation. At that moment he told him that he was going to make Pad very happy and he was impressed. That same night the girl went to sleep with Pad.

The young man was excited when he saw the sexy girl enter. She told him that not today, she was tired and wanted to sleep. He took off his pants and Pad could see his sexy ass. This is the best part of this porn comic. Because Pad’s sister has a great ass. The boy stayed with his hard cock for a while. He began to masturbate without her noticing, but at midnight he still couldn’t sleep. That ass took away his sleep and he needed to see him again. He got up and slowly removed the sheet from his sister. He could see her sexy ass, she could also see her tits. Small bumps were marked on his shirt.

The boy began to touch his sleeping sister’s ass and tits sumptuously and began to masturbate. When he came he took pictures of his beautiful sister. The next morning Pad was sleeping peacefully. But something happened between his legs. Something very warm, wet and soft was playing with his cock. Pad looked at his cock and there was the girl. She was giving him a blowjob.

At that moment the two began to fuck and from that day they had a sexual relationship between them. Every day they fucked and enjoyed sex.

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