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The King James is a porn parody of Pokemon in which James is charged with protecting a crown of mind control. Although he ends up using all that power for evil purposes. It all starts when he and the scientist who had invented the crown were finishing work. Someone had to protect her and James was one of the most faithful people out there. Meanwhile the scientist would call Giovanni to come for her as soon as possible.

James was very clear, that crown must be in a safe place and better than his own head. This did not look good, it seemed that something bad was going to happen. Meanwhile, Cassidy and Jessie were in another room arguing. The two were complete disasters, always ruining their own plans. After a while, James entered the room she was in. With his crown, he hypnotized them and sent them to do everything he wanted.

He had no idea what it could be, but it occurred to him to have some fun. So without further thinking, I order the girls to take off their clothes. The two would masturbate James’s cock, while the Doctor was not around. Besides, it had always been a dream of fucking Jessie and Cassidi in an orgy.

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