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Toph Beifong was an earthbending master, a powerful one; she joined Ty Lee, from Earth Kingdom too. Ty Lee called Toph to have a meet because she wanted to know how to kiss, and she wanted to practice kissing before got a boyfriend and Toph could help her, she thought that would be easier with a girl but she was afraid it would changes her. Toph was upset, she didn’t want Ty to regret and went to kiss her; she kissed Ty with her mouth opened and licked her; she told her that she never saw anyone kiss before.

Can a boy’s willy fit in it?
Toph was sniffing, she smelt something weird, and it was Ty’s thingy getting wet, Toph went down and told her she wants to kiss her down there because maybe a boy could do it. Ty Lee was worry, she thought she can get pregnant and Toph told her that she remembered a trick that her parents do to not have babies, she just had to turn around because she was going to eat her ass. Toph tried to introduce a finger in her butthole but a boy’s willy was bigger so she put two fingers and then the whole hand, she warned her not to clench it or it would hurt her; Ty Lee felt warm, and Toph knew how could make it even more realistic.

Talk Dirty to Me
Toph hit the ground with her foot and bend earth to do a strap-on dildo, she fit the dildo in Ty’s butthole, she went slow first but Ty wanted to keep it going faster. Toph tried to get her horny by using filthy language and slapping her ass, Ty thought it was rude but she loved it. Toph would destroy her butthole and make her cum until she faint; Ty Lee squirted all over the place. Now was Toph’s turn and she could not back off.

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