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Dave the Barbarian of Drawn Sex tells us the story of any day in the kingdom of Udrogot. A kingdom ruled by Princess Candy, a very hot girl and at the same time unable to run her own town. While she did the manicure to have perfect nails, her subjects worked hard hours to please her. After Candy thought about it several times in her head, she came to the conclusion that she needed another pillow for her tight ass.

The alchemist of the princess was surprised to see that beautiful ass and his cock began to get hard every moment. The old man already knew what he had in mind and after tricking him into falling into the trap of his words. The alchemist just fucked the princess, after a punishment he imposed for disobeying. Although everything was in his perverted mind and while the princess awoke from his sweet dream. The princess wanted to know where Dave was, the incredibly strong barbarian who could satisfy the princess’s orders, although he was a little silly.

Apparently the barbarian was in another kingdom, satisfying the sexual needs of another princess. Dave wanted to marry the princess or use a condom so as not to leave her pregnant, but she wanted something more of him and of course she would not lose the opportunity to have a son with a strong barbarian. In the kingdom of Udrogot everything seemed to remain the same, although the old man had designed some magic glasses to see everything he longed for. And one of those wishes was to fuck Princess Candy’s tight pussy.

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