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In Dream Catcher of Palcomix the princess Tootie was got for the evil Vicky, she is tied up and about falling down. Meanwhile, the evil Vicky was laughing loud out her and then our princess Tootie said the evil Vicky: I am tired, I cannot more, let me leave here!. Vicky feels so great; she had all controlled for throw her up to the crocodiles. There were huge crocodiles and also, they had their sharp fangs waiting for princess Tootie to eat her soon. Do you remember about Tootie and Vicky?, Vicky used to be Tootie’s sister ,likewise she had the worst behaving for Tootie. However, Tootie never thought her madness get so long!. Suddenly, a shadow was behind Vicky, it was him!, Timmy Turner who jumps up bravely to save her so quickly. Tootie surprised for Timmy because he was her eternal love, she never ever change him for someone more. Then, Vicky went towards them to finish him once and for all, although her destiny was against luck. Then, Cosmo magical godfather’s Timmy appeared to help him, but Vicky couldn’t look him, Besides Cosmo used his wand to putting a banana shell on the ground, Vicky doesn’t notice and she slipped to fall into the hole.

When Vicky fell into the hole, it had way no longer that she could save herself, the dead would be so close her. After all what happened in this horrible castle, it’s time which they enjoying their love meeting. The princess Tootie was so grateful for Timmy Turner and Timmy gives her a hug so long for darling Tootie. The princess Tootie didn’t know like help him, because she felt confused for all what happened some time ago. Suddenly, Timmy puts your hands very slowly and whispered some very fucking words in Tootie’s ear that he could not resist; Timmy needed to fuck her very quickly because he could no longer see those huge Tootie’s tits!. Tootie realized that Timmy was a wild monkey looking to catch everything in his path, throwing himself towards Tootie, touching her tits and kissing her so good way. Tootie likes it too much! The simple fact of grabbing her tits wasn’t enough for him, he wanted to stick her bum like there was no tomorrow. Tootie wanted more Timmy! Timmy’s penis was shattering her vaginal hole, Tootie just jumped so high, wanted everything from the incredible Timmy because she knew he was her brave hero.

For good, Vicky had a scary nightmare and woke up telling bad words (it’s common for her), although she looks like something grateful because she never hope that would die in that way. Unfortunally, you couldn’t see her die (Bad luck my buddy) but you remember she doesn’t ever give up for hurt them all, that is essential for her. Then, she get up her bed, looking fresh victims, in that case her sister was suitable for Vicky. She was eating your milk flakes, and then she looked to Vicky, greeting her so emotively, being a love child for her. Vicky basically gets her a little funny insult, like always, Vicky enjoyed gives her a rude vocabulary to do her feels badly, but Tootie is an amazing girl and polite for everyone. However, when Vicky was closing to Tootie, she was telling her about a special dream that she had last night, feeling so delighted with her sudden and very passionate dream, Vicky was not going to stay behind, meanwhile Tootie was wondering about her fetish, Vicky took remind her that she should do her homework, and leaving some spice in her serial to show her gratitude. Then, there was something strange happened in the Tonner house.

Now, at the Turner’s house, they are talking about very interesting, maybe this could surprise you after read it. Do you can remember about Vicky’s dream?, That dream to Vicky was a Nightmare and Tootie really into it so long because she was like all the time. Did you realize?, of course! Timmy was behind all that and aside his magical godparents succeeding they entered their dreams with the only intention of saving Tootie his evil sister. Such Timmy as Cosmo, they celebrated for their achievement, even though Wanda wasn’t so smiling for what they did, Cosmo notice Wanda and he said her who just looked for a simple fun, therefore he though they didn’t do anything inappropriate. Wanda simply told them that they were entering women’s dream to meet their sexual needs and that it wasn’t right, what Timmy said Wanda who he wasn’t doing those things, the only thing he wanted was to do his good job and save to little Tootie of clutches of the evil Vicky who just wanted to destroy her and watch her die. Besides, he wasn’t breaking any rules, perhaps Yorgen doesn’t seem to like his perverted idea.

Currently, Timmy had a new plan, he needs catch up to another person because he feels like to look beyond, Likewise his girl hunt he could not stop it. Wanda was trying to distract him with his homework, it was Saturday and he had several things for do, but the rose hat child never pays attention to Wanda. Cosmo could not stay away. He found it very foolish to do homeworks on Saturdays. The next victim was a girl so luxurious and ambitious, this person was Trixie Tang, who tonight she would celebrate her victory because of awarding in her honor, it is already time, Timmy and Godfathers’ magical were behind curtain staring her, by the way Trixie seemed very proud and grateful herself. She said a lot of words them, her audience in this time, they could listen her words what she would do more sure herself. Timmy was ready for her, he had already his plan on head, and when Trixie ended up her presentation, she must go to her dressing room, but a strange voice greeting her with great pleasure, because of it, she thought this surprise would be a great meeting.

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