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Hunted – Freckles is a Furry Porn comic in which a very sexy lioness is caught by the zebras clan.

They are tired of the lion race hunting them, now they have organized and decided to hunt them. The first victim is the wife of the lions chief. When they managed to capture the lioness, they decided to play with her. The zebra girls began to lick the sweet pussy of this lioness, the girl began to moan with pleasure. The zebras were impressed by how ducle their enemy’s pussy was.

Queen Zebra arrived to fuck her prey, she began to scrub her pussy with the lioness’s pussy. The two pussies were very wet, the clitoris were constantly rubbing, which proved that the two girls had a spectacular orgasm. At that moment the lioness knew that the zebras were very good at practicing sex, no man in her clan had made her enjoy it so much.

From that moment the zebras and the lions formed an alliance and promised peace. All this in exchange for sex, the lions would change their goals for other animals such as gazelles. While those two races would be practicing furry sex.

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