Logic Virus X – Cytoscourge

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28 said 95 he is acting strange. He funnily looked at her like her appearance troubling him. He said he was just watching her back. She thought something is off. The only possible explanation for this behavior was that he caught a Logic Virus. She was going to suck every last bit of the virus out of him. So she kissed him. But that wasn’t enough. Then, she asked him to grab her tits as he meant it. He grabbed and sucked them. Their pulse rate rose. She asked to relax and lay back on the mattress.
Curing the virus
28 sat on 95’s face. He put his tongue inside her pussy. She began to suck his cock. He came a little but she wanted all. It seems like it is a potent virus. So she put his dick in her pussy. She went hard on him and he came inside her pussy. She is far from satisfied so they tried again. She teased him and 95 got mad and began to fuck her harder. He ripped her clothes and began to lick her while fucking her from behind. Then he commanded her to bend over, she got on all fours.
Someone else joined in
She asked him to fuck her and didn’t hold back. She wanted his balls deep inside her. He came inside her. Later, he asked her to warm him up again. So she sucked her balls; then sucked her asshole while she was jerking him off. He was up again so she lay down asking for more. He fucked and came inside her again. Suddenly, she heard a noise. A lady arrived at their room. She said they did everything very inefficiently and joined them. She showed them how it’s done. 

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