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Mooning Time is a porn parody of Adventure Time in which Finn and Marceline have a little adventure, he fucks her after meeting. Finn had had some problems with Princess Fire, their relationship seemed not to work very well. She loved him with all her heart and he felt the same, but if they both have sex they will cause a natural disaster.

Marceline had arrived at her house, after Jake told her to go cheer him up a bit. He had introduced himself there to spend some fun and cheer him up. Finn proposed to Marceline to play some games with B-Mo, that machine that spoke in a very strange way. He realized that Marceline only had a shirt on, she had no pants on. He noticed her tight pussy, but tried to ignore it so as not to be ashamed.

Finn tried to tell Marceline but she looked like she was watching the games. She sat at the table and was very focused on passing the difficult games of B-Mo. Finn tried not to get aroused, but his cock was already as hard as a rock. He took her out of her underpants and penetrated Marceline’s pussy with all her strength. She seemed to like it, although she didn’t want to get pregnant and that’s why she told Finn to fuck her ass and cum inside him.

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